7 Ways to Survive Motherhood

I’m just a girl in sweat pants with a period stain and a luke warm cup of coffee. The only thing I am an expert on is spot cleaning yoga pants, dry shampoo, and keepin’ it real. I know you’re probably wondering what I did to win at life like this and I have to break it to you; IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY. You cannot just get these dark circles under your eyes all easy peasy. This has taken a lot of hard work, determination, and unprotected sex.

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Motherhood is Messy

I took this picture today because I want to remember the messy, hard, falling apart days of mothering.

This is me after one of my kids had a giant public meltdown. The kind where I carried her flailing and kicking past teachers and students, and then put on a little show in the corner of the school yard for all who enjoy watching a mom try and tame a wildcat.

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Dear Mama, Don’t enjoy every moment…enjoy ONE.

Dear Mama,

Don’t enjoy every moment. Instead, findĀ one moment a day to cherish.

I want to level with you: It’s hard to let the crumbs be, the future be, the to-do list be, the wrestling with demons just BE.

It’s hard to be still. It’s hard to be present. I wish it wasn’t, but it is.

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I can’t enjoy every minute, but I can enjoy 5

Have you ever felt tiny fingers massage your shoulders? Have you ever pressed your face against a ponytail that smells of sunshine and wild whimsy? Have you ever listened to the off key tune from a 7yo lost in her own world? Have you ever brushed against magic and forgot in an instant what it felt like?

This motherhood it has floored me; it has undone me, and I still forget. In seconds, I forget.

When I watch them lost in a game of make believe or they tell me a story that makes me realize they’re growing up, I remember. I remember the privilege it is to be a part of this story, this unfolding adventure.

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