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  1. Jennifer Tyner

    Hi there. I commented earlier on your “What Do SAHM’s Need” article about how I thought it applied to all moms. Your words have really hit home, and tonight I shared it with 262 of my closest friends. We were all in an online mom group, and had a seriously divided discussion. As a result, we acknowledged our group became too big and we needed to break it down a bit. So our group is shutting down. Many sad hearts as a result because so many of us don’t have those “in person friends” that we all crave so badly. What you wrote couldn’t have struck at a better time to share with my soon to be former group. I am mom of 3 sweet children, ages 1, 3, 5. I am a wife. I am a career woman at one of the top companies in the world. It is a tough balance/choice, and friends are VERY hard to come by when I am so focused on my family and my career. So thank you for your reminder that we all need friends.

  2. jessmariejohnston

    Jennifer, thank you so much for your vulnerability and for taking the time to share! I completely agree with you. Every mom needs in-person-friends. Every person really. I can imagine being a career mom is just as difficult if not more so. It’s so encouraging to hear how this article spoke to you. Honestly, it’s also just good to be reminded that we are all in this together. Thank you.

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