Why Moms Need Each Other

The other day I was at the park with a friend. We were busy keeping shoes on, slides unlicked, and wanderers corralled as we sipped our coffee and had half finished conversations. I was eyeing my oldest on the monkey bars when a woman came up beside us. “Um excuse me,” she said, “I locked my kids in the car,” her eyes filled with tears, “can you help me?”

“Of course!” we said quickly.

I felt everything I imagined she was feeling, as I jogged with her back to her car. She swallowed tears hard as I helped her call 911. I could see how terrible she felt as she stood there waiting, and I reached for this stranger and gave her a hug. “It’s okay, ” I said, “I’ve done the same thing before.”

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Please respect my boundaries: what people learning to set boundaries want you to know.

Boundaries are hard.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up for ourselves and to be honest about our needs and limitations. It’s counter cultural and our insides scream that it’s selfish. But the facts are, it is so so important and imperative to our wellbeing to do it anyway. Having boundaries is not just saying “I matter”, but it’s living like we matter. It is about being honest with ourselves and listening to the inner voice that says too much, I can’t, instead of sucking it up and running ourselves the ground.

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Dear Kids, When you grow up…

Dear Kids,

This letter is for the day you spread your wings: whether it’s a graduation day or a wedding ceremony, or a new adventure you’re about to take. It’s for the day you step into the wild blue; it’s for the day you begin your own life.

I want you to know whatever you make of this life, I am so so proud of you. There’s nothing you could ever do to make my love die down or be snuffed out. No matter what choices you make, I will forever be your greatest fan. I will always be here for every phone call and for every time you need a reminder of who you are.

But I know it’s time. I know it’s time for you to paint the painting that’s inside your heart and I am so excited to watch.

I wrote this letter for the hard days, for the ones where you wonder if you’re the only one and if you’re all alone. Let me assure you that every mistake you are about to make has been made, and probably most of them by me. Don’t judge yourself harshly my love; spread your wings, trust yourself, and keep on flying towards the dreams that make your soul come alive.

There will be hard and terrible days, but there will also be wild and wonderful days full of more joy than you ever thought possible.

One of those days for me was the day I had you, my love. There’s no greater honor or joy in my life than the one of being your mom.

You will make mistakes: we all do. Chances are you will make lots and lots of them. Sometimes you will fail miserably and terribly and in that moment you will wonder if you failed or if you are a failure.

My dear kids, please remember this: you will fail; you are never a failure.

Money might be tight: you will make it. My bank account has been on empty and I’ve gotten notifications of overdraft fees. That feeling falls like a rock in the pit of my stomach. It’s sickening and scary and feels out of control. I’ve dug to the very back of the freezer and been grateful to find one lone chicken thigh to serve with rice. Those days are hard. They’re hard and unnerving, but baby you will make it. You will discover that there are more important things than money and you can do hard things. No matter how broke you are you can laugh; you can hold the ones you love tight; and you can strategize and dream…because believe me, it won’t always be like this.

Sometimes you will be your worst self: everyone has days like that. Some days I have been angry. I have yelled when I should have been soft and kind. I’ve lost my temper and then felt shame cover me like a too-hot and scratchy blanket. I’ve wanted to hide because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to be the woman I’m meant to be. On days like this you will find that humility and an apology go a long way.

The bad days don’t define you, and they never will. You will rise from the pit; you will shake off that scratchy blanket; and you will find you are enough. You’re enough, not because you’re perfect, but because you’re enough exactly how you are.

You will be misunderstood: your heart will heal. I’ve had days when I thought I was doing the right thing, but the right thing made other people angry and hurt. I still don’t know if I made all good calls, I probably didn’t, but I was doing my best. Sometimes you’ll be accused of things that stab the core of who you are. These times will be so so painful. Ask the people who know you and love you to hold you up during these seasons and to remind you of who you are. You will make it out the other side I promise.

You will doubt yourself: that’s normal and it’s okay. I have had days when I felt like a little girl playing house. You will have those days too. Courage isn’t feeling brave my love, it’s feeling fear and putting one step in front of the other anyway.*

You will have days where you fall apart: it won’t stay that way. It is okay to fall apart; this isn’t your forever. I have drowned in anxiety and your dad has too. Just remember that everything is temporary and the sun will shine again. Reach out even if you feel frozen in whatever it is that you feel. The first step to getting better is speaking out.

I have questioned myself every day of raising you: every single day.  I don’t know how much I’ve gotten wrong and how much I’ve gotten right. My prayer is that in spite of my mistakes you will know you are loved and you will grow strong into who you are. If there’s ever a day when you realize that a thing I did or said wounded you, please tell me so I can make it right.

I love you with my whole heart and I’m cheering for you every step of the way.



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*Loose interpretation of a quote by Nelson Mandela.



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Dear Imperfect Life, I like you.

The other day I faced two of my anxiety triggers. I left my kids and my husband (separation anxiety) and got on a plane (flight anxiety). My emotions and adrenaline were on high and the tall beer I got at the airport cafe barely touched it. I considered grabbing an Uber home (everyone would surely understand). The husband laughed when I told him that and assured me he would not have understood. But I dragged myself into my seat, one foot after another. At one point I wasn’t sure if I was going to poop my pants or start sobbing, but still I stayed put. I didn’t run down the aisle screaming LET ME OUT I WANT TO GO HOME like I thought about for more than a couple seconds.

I’m not really sure if staying in my seat was bravery or social anxiety.

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Yep, I have cellulite.

I wrote a quick article yesterday about cellulite. I have it and I own it, that’s it. 

I get a lot of crappy comments on other things that I usually shrug off, but I had one yesterday that really got me. I am an eating disorder survivor, and even though it has been seventeen years since I had to weekly see a counselor, nutritionist, and a doctor, her words still triggered me. They triggered me in the icky way that made old thoughts emerge from the grave where I buried them. I imagine it’s similar with any addiction regardless of how many years have gone by.

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Dear Mamas, You know best…

Each of our kids have gone through rough seasons. Ones that made us question everything about ourselves and our parenting. There was the Pterodactyl scream, the hitting and biting, the not wanting to eat any food except butter and chocolate, and the tantrums that were (are) like having our very own fire breathing dragon.

We are still riding some of those waves, and I know we will hit other waves in the future.

We’ve gotten lots of well-intentioned advice along the way. Some of it was helpful, some of it was not. I believe in the “village” and I’m grateful we aren’t on our own when it comes to parenthood, however, I’ve learned that it shouldn’t come at the cost of my self confidence.

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Dear Husband, When you can’t find your purpose…

Dear Husband,

I see the tension in your eyes and your shoulders when you walk through the door from a job you don’t enjoy.  You grab the kids and wrestle them as they gather around you like a gang of seagulls hungry for your attention. “Dad, dad, dad!” the little one says while the big one tells you a story neither of us can follow.

“Hey babe” I say, and we exchange an understanding glance. You are tired; you are discouraged; and you are wondering why you can’t seem to find “the thing” that makes you come alive. Since you were a boy you’ve dreamed of “the thing”; when you were in high school you were full of hope for “the thing”; in your twenties you wondered why you hadn’t found “the thing”. Now you’re in your thirties and you’re tired.

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Parenting Method: Says Sorry

I went into motherhood with a heart full of idealism and crushing expectations (on myself). Almost immediately the mom guilt came in. First in whispers, then in overwhelming obsessive thoughts. You should love breastfeeding, good moms LOVE breastfeeding; they don’t count the days until it’s overWhy aren’t you cleaner and more organized? You should really be making your own baby food. Why don’t you know how to make your baby stop crying?  You should know how to comfort him. Why don’t you want to do more “face time” with your baby? Good moms don’t get bored of playing with their kids. Why haven’t you finished those parenting books? YOU HAVEN’T TAKEN YOU THREE YEAR OLD TO THE DENTIST YET?? Why are you so overwhelmed? You don’t have anything to be overwhelmed about. You should have started that money management envelope system YESTERDAY. Look you made him cry; why are you so impatient? You shouldn’t feel mad, good moms don’t feel angry inside. Who gets angry at a kid? You look like a slob; wash your face forgodsakes. Pizza three times this week?? What are you trying to do, poison your kids?

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Dear Daughter, When I fail at being your role model…

Dear Daughter,

I always wanted a daughter. After two babies never made it earth-side, I ached and longed and prayed and cried for you. Every dream I had paled in comparison to my dream of you; and then you came. You came quickly like a tornado on a wild night that I will remember for the rest of my life.

What I felt for you was something I’d never felt before. I became a mother to a daughter, and I was born all over again.

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