Products I LOVE.

To help support my blog I am starting some affiliate marketing. I promise I will never recommend a product that I wouldn’t also obsess over to my BFF. If it’s on here it means it is literally THE COOLEST.



I bought my first YETI as a birthday present for a friend, except one day my mugs were all dirty and so I accidentally ripped it open because washing dishes is hard. I was totally going to wrap it back up. I was. Except the problem was my coffee was hot for 3 straight hours and also it tasted unusually delicious because the microwave hadn’t desecrated it with it’s weird sci-fi voodoo.

I got my friend a t-shirt.

I have nothing against a microwaved cup of coffee, because obviously, but I am crushing hard on the YETI. It was made for moms.

Not really. Judging from their website it was made for hardcore mountaineers and fishermen. But it should have been, because if anyone suffers from cold coffee it is us.

Dear YETI, I love you, do you want to go out sometime? Check yes or no.

If you like coffee that stays hot for longer than you spend convincing your kids to eat oatmeal – get a YETI. You will understand.


Fjall Kanken Backpacks

I know that the most important thing to consider when buying backpacks for our round the world trip is that they are adorable. Mission accomplished. I plan to get one of the mini Fjall Raven packs my littlest and the regular size for the three older ones. They’ll be carrying their own sleeping bags (the compact size), flash lights, and plane entertainment (books, coloring, kindle). There are a bunch of different colors and I’ll get them each something different, but I’m particularly obsessed with this green. They also have the larger size for (ahem, me). Check them out 


Amazon Prime

Oh Amazon, how I love you.

You’ve heard me say before, don’t drink and prime, but I take that back because sometimes you make excellent decisions like this light up sweater I bought my husband.

I LOVE AMAZON. I can buy ANYTHING on there and it all arrives in two days.      //