Special Thanks

Special thanks to all my friends and family who make blogging possible.

Thank you to Graham Johnston, who buys me computers and says WRITE.

The Man.

Thank you to my “Instagram Husbands“, (the hubs) and Aubree Poffenroth.

Aubs and Gracie

Thank you to my amazing mama Susan Cushman and bestie Erika Goodfellow for helping me edit.

My Mama and my Dad

Thank you to BFF Annie Frase for being my model in Mom Brain is Real and a constant encouragement.

Keepin’ it real.

Thank you to Alexander Johnson, and all the other BFFs mentioned, for willingly being subjects of my blogging, as well as tirelessly reading my posts and telling me if I sound crazy.

Besties Alexander and Erika

Thank you to my kids for being hilarious, as well as taking some of my pictures (Instagram kids…?)


And to all my readers, friends and family, THANK YOU, for sharing, commenting and giving me feedback – I couldn’t be more grateful!