Jess lives with her husband and four kids (Malachi 9, Scout 7, Oaklee, 5, Haven 3) in Montana. They soon plan to take off on a round the world venture starting with New Zealand and finishing in Europe. She’s passionate about family, community, and keepin’ it real. Her article Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom was shared as one of Huff Post Parent’s best articles of 2016 and she was Motherly’s Writer of the Year for 2016. Her article Dear Kids, When I fail set a personal record in 2017 with 1.5 million shares on Facebook.

To contact her about advertising, guest blogging, sponsored posts etc., please email her at jess@wonderoak.com for pricing and availability.

She is a contributor for Motherly and The Huffington Post. You can check out some of those articles here:

 Huffington Post


Scary Mommy

She loves sharing laughs and tears with you here at Wonderoak, on Facebook, and @wonderoakblog on Instagram.



19 thoughts on “About

  1. nativetucsonan

    You’re amazing and thank you for telling it how it is!! To all us mothers looking for sanity and assurance that we’re not (too) crazy – you’re blog is a blessing!

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  2. Angela Guzman

    You are effing amazing! Your gift of words and humor are nothing short from awesome. I have spent the last hour binge reading your posts and can’t stop laughing. You have a new reader. Thank you for sharing with us fellow mamas.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kim

    Hello I was wondering if I could message you and ask some questions. My name is Kim and I’m new to blogging. I just recently found your blog and love it.

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  4. Kim

    Hello my name is Kim and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions? Can I message you? I just recently saw your blog and really like it. I am new to blogging.

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  5. Hannah Hageman

    Hi, Jess! Fellow Montanan here. I found your blog from a link by another mom on my MOPS’s Facebook page. Just excited to meet another Montanan mom blogger and wanted to say hi! 🙂


  6. wonderoak

    Hey Hannah, awesome to meet you!! I always love to hear from a fellow blogger! Speaking of Montana – how COLD ARE YOU RIGHT NOW?? Haha, so cold here today!


  7. Katie

    Dear kids, when I fail

    You saw into my heart and turned all of my feelings into words in a way that I would have never been able to but it describes it all perfectly. I’m bawling but feel encouraged. I’m not the only one. This makes me feel less discouraged and feel like less of a failure. I have saved the link and will look back regularly so I am reminded. This was just amazing. I can’t describe the intensity but thank you. I needed to read this. You honestly have no idea how this is going to change me.


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