Why We Love Stretchy Pants

As published on Montana’s Best Vacation Rental’s website:

As if there weren’t enough reasons to wear yoga pants…

I have another.

After a recent nude biking extravaganza in Missoula, Montana. Our Area, The Flathead got some extra attention and street cred when Kalispell, Montana Representative David (Doc) Moore said, “Yoga pants should be illegal in public,” after a hearing to enhance Montana’s indecent exposure laws.

How did Montanan’s respond? On the home front, Tamarack Brewery in Missoula and Lakeside, MT retaliated in good humor, by changing the name of a beloved beer from Sip N Go Naked to Sip N Go Yoga Pants and offering them for a dollar a pint for the day. Another pub took it even further by giving free beer to anyone wearing yoga pants or a speedo.

In honor of yoga pants, I have put together my own list of why they should always be legal.

1. Paired with some running shoes, they give the illusion that you did indeed go running. Which means you’re also allowed to wear a headband and ponytail. Maybe I’m imagining things, but I swear it even makes me feel more in-shape. Try it. Hashtag nosweatrequired.

2. It is likely that you can still wear the same ones that you did when you were 16. This is concrete evidence that your body has not changed since then.

3. Walking? Meditating? Sleeping? A night on the town? Same pants. Different shoes.

4. Decrease stress over the holidays or on vacation by wearing yoga pants. Indulge in deliciousness without pesky buttons or bothersome denim.

5. One should never go from a week in yoga pants cold-turkey to jeans. That’s a great way to feel angry. Try squeezing in to a pair of regular-pants three sizes too small first. Eases the transition.

I think it’s safe to say that American’s have a deep love for stretchy pants because the ordeal made national news.

TIME reported on the issue and writer for the Washington Post Alexandra Petri observed, “Why he wound up with so much wrath against yoga pants instead of directing it against bicyclists remains unclear.” I too must wonder, especially since purely from a “comfort” standpoint – yoga pants represent everything wonderful, while nude biking sounds a bit hellacious. The Representative recently announced that he was joking, but I think we’re all thinking the same thing.

He has obviously never worn yoga pants.

So come to Montana and live on the wild side, put on your favorite yoga gear, head to the brewery and toast everyone’s favorite pants!

Jessica Johnston

Wife of one, mother of four, lover of adventure, family, and outrageous theme parties.

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  1. Ok I just stumbled on to your blog and can I just say, I love you! Haha you are awesome and just by reading your blog I feel awesome!

  2. I think this is my favorite comment to date! Thankyou!

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