Hey everyone! It’s #failfriday. Share your best and most recent fail, if you dare. Keeping’ it real…here’s mine…
Recently I noticed an abnormal amount of flames and smoke pouring out of the barbecue I’d just lit. I opened the lid to find a small bon fire perfect for roasting marshmallows and also all of our tongs and spatulas. All I could think was, ‘I don’t think this is allowed in stage 2 fire restrictions!’ 😂😂😂 We had friends over who were laughing so hard they were crying. It had been a stressful day, so I was only crying. Which is unfortunate, because it meant I didn’t take any pictures #regrets…

A few days later I lit the barbecue again. This time Haven was feeling really snuggly, so I let it heat up longer than normal. I heard a loud crack just in time to see the front window break from the heat. Yes. For-reals. Barbecuing career is over. Also, this is what I’m using now. Keepin’ it classy. #failfriday #keepinitreal ❤️Jess

5 responses to “#FailFriday”

  1. I love fails! Most of my blog runs on fail stories!

    Hmmm. Your delightful blog has hijacked my morning. I really should get back to work folding washing.

    Just one more post…

  2. Haha I’m so honored to hijack your morning!!

  3. Ha! I’m breastfeeding now, so this is totally legit.

    But the basket of washing is *looking* at me…

  4. YES. I often feel like it’s yelling at me. So rude. Haha

  5. My laundry doesn’t yell. It glowers passive aggressively.

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