Mother’s Day for Every Mom

Years ago, I had the privilege of traveling to South Africa. The highlight of my trip was the period of time I got to stay in Bottlebrush, an informal settlement where the rates of sickness and HIV were astronomical. There I met the most beautiful girl, Monica (her english name). She was a little younger than me at the time. She was the happiest, most joy filled person I’d ever met with a contagious twinkle in her eyes. She had dreams of becoming a doctor and she would have been an amazing one, but a couple months after our trip we received word that she had passed away from preventable disease.

That was many years ago, but it still hurts my heart to think of the loss of such a remarkable human being.

My beautiful aunt who is more like a sister (whose dad happens to be my Grandpa)…

(it’s complicated)

…works with a wonderful organization called One Day’s Wages. This Mother’s Day she asked me and other bloggers to partner with our followers to empower moms in Uganda.

Every $25.00 gives ten people in Uganda access to health care.

I LOVE simple things like this that create a big impact.

🌍To check it out, click here. 🌍💕

The Goal:

Through a $50,000 matching grant, myself, my sister-aunt, One Day’s Wages, The Adventure Project, and moms like you…together we will support the training of 25 women to become certified health care promoters. Those women, while providing their services and generating income for their own families, will impact 20,000 people with life-saving services in Uganda.


“Every minute, six children die in the developing world because they do not have access to basic medicines – treatments that cost less than a cup of coffee. Women in developing countries are 14 times more likely to die during childbirth than those in developed regions.”



Children just like mine, and moms just like me.

Let’s make the world a smaller place. Let’s join arms with our sisters and give the gift of life and health.

So in honor of Monica, in honor of my kids (who are just four of many) and in honor of moms all over the world, I want to empower women just like Monica to bring healthcare and the gift of life to their communities.

Because “when you train a woman, you empower a village”- One Day’s Wages

Now that is a true statement.

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Will you do this with me? Spread the word and lets turn a day marked by 💐🌷 and ☕️ into a day of global impact. Because, Happy Mother’s Day to all of us 🌍❤️.

Click here to join the movement 😘 Power on sister.

Remember, there is no such thing as a “small” donation!

Spread the word friends!

I’m so very honored to be a part of such an important project. And, a big THANK YOU to my aunt and others who work tirelessly to make things like this happen.

Cheers Mama,

Happy Mothers Day!




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