15 Truths of Youngest Children

1. They don’t share. AT ALL. You are pretty sure that you will be working on this until they are in their seventies. The main problem is that the other kids give them WHATEVER they want, WHENEVER they want. When you ask them why, they say things like, “She screamed so I gave it to her.”

You are really excited for their future parent-teacher conferences.

2. DRAMA. That noise that sounds like they’re being de-limbed in the back bedroom? That is the noise the youngest makes when their sock is “bothering them”.

3. You feel optimistic about their future in Politics, Reality TV, or Kickboxing.

4. They are a little power-hungry. One day they ask if you will play with them. You say yes, and then they say, “Okay, you are Cinderella and I am the evil step-mother. DO THE DISHES!” You are not really sure what this means, but you are scared.

You wonder if they offer villain-for-a-day instead of princess-for-a-day at Disney.


5. They never EVER want to watch the same thing as ANYONE on family movie night.

6. They work the system. You realize this when you ask them to carry their coat and they say, “I can’t because I’m a baby tiger and I only have claws.” and you say, “Oh, right, okay.”

Half way to the car you think…wait what??

7. With the first you were a perfectionist, with the last you are truly a free spirit. And by free spirit I mean they are probably going to get more cavities than all your other kids combined.

8. They have every single person in the family wrapped around their finger. Every. Single. Person.

Except that middle child, he’s on to her.

She doesn’t want to.

9. They pretend to be helpless and everyone believes them. They don’t put on their own shoes until they’re like eleven.

Let me rephrase that: please God, let them put on their own shoes by the age of eleven.

10. They are not boring. When it comes to personality they bring their A-game. They have a loud voice and big opinions. Kind of like a lap dog that thinks it’s a Doberman. By the time you reach post-bedtime you are ragged. You have earned that ice-cream. You have earned it, and you will eat it, and you will sometimes cry.

Tomorrow is a new day.

11. People offer you advice. They say, “You know, my Henry did that. I just looked at him one time and I said ‘NO’. You should think about trying that, it really works.” You want to commit an act of violence, but you don’t…because you’re awesome.

Hang in there.

12. They have received actual disciplinary measures from the grandparents. You didn’t know there was a line that was crossable. Your youngest found the line, and then they bulldozed that shit.

13. They seem like a baby FOREVER. They use things like pacifiers, boobs, diapers, and cribs for a debatable…if not concerning amount of time and their sole contribution to household chores is picking-their-nose-in-the-corner.

They just seem so little still.

Except NOBODY thinks that, but you. Especially not your other kids during said household chores.

Guys, calm down, she is only 41 months.

14. You’re the best at enjoying them. You’ve seen how your other kids have blown through stages and milestones in a whirlwind blur. You take more moments to notice with your youngest, to smell them, and to hold them.

15. They will always be your baby. You can’t help it and you don’t want to help it.

They are the Sriracha to your stir-fry, the cherry on your sundae. They are the last piece of the picture. It’s sorrow mixed with joy to watch your littlest grow big, knowing each stage will be “the last time”. You wish you could bottle up those giggles and kisses and keep them forever.

Your littlest stretches you to the max, but your heart is fuller than you ever could have imagined.

You wouldn’t change a thing.


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Feature photo credit: Marianne Wiest


10 responses to “15 Truths of Youngest Children”

  1. So, so very true. 🙂

  2. 6 and 11 made me laugh out loud 😂🙌🏻😘

  3. Marguerite Gordon Avatar
    Marguerite Gordon

    Very, very true and hiliarous…until you marry a youngest child, can I get an amen?

  4. Very true and hiliarous…..until you marry a youngest child, can I get an amen? 😂

  5. Being a mom of 4 girls, the oldest is 17, next is the 15 year old and 13 year old…… last is the 7 year old. Number 4 was a huge surprise. Our oldest cried and cried when she heard the news. Now she spoils her so bad I have to step in at times!! Number 4 is so rotten it is kind of pathetic! But she is the baby and like you have stated we have all cherished every stage. This post made me laugh, and helped me realize maybe we aren’t the only ones! Lol

  6. Oh my, this is spot on. My youngest is two and runs our house – and yes, has every.single.person wrapped around her finger. I may always call her my baby, but watch out world, that spunky little girl only operates at full charge and sounds a lot like your daughter. Another wonderful post!

  7. Yep, our youngest plays it up so much, her best game is when the eldest is in trouble and she plays the smooth, sweet and well behaved card so so well. Look at me mummy I do everything right. I always have a little bit of guilt that I made her grow up a bit quicker than she should have though. xx

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