Family Gift Guide from the Couch 2017

I love to shop. I love to go into beautiful stores and touch beautiful things. I have kids now though and it turns out they also like to touch things…all of the things. Each shopping trip starts full of hope that this time will somehow be “different”, but it always ends the same…with someone crying under a clothing rack next to a bag of spilled popcorn. Also they hardly ever offer me wine at the store. So, though I love shopping local, I also like shopping braless, pant-less, ALONE, and  with a glass of red wine.

I recently partnered with Amazon and I get a small percentage of purchases when someone clicks through my site. I love amazon (not just saying that) and PRIME is the shiznit, especially when you’re a procrastinator like me. So here friends, is my first ever Christmas gift guide.

Cheers to you from my living room to yours…


I have one of these hoodies and it might be my best clothing purchase ever. I love it almost as much as pizza. There are just so many colors and the best part is the neck…so cozy. Also I added the vest because I really want (“need”) it. I’m into the coordinate idea and I love this leather wrap bracelet. It can be anywhere significant, but I think I’d go with where my husband and I first met…


My biggest gift win ever was one of these Tree Hut watches. I got the brown one and had it engraved from me and the kids. It’s his favorite gift I’ve ever given him. I love this sweatshirt (it might be under the tree this year) and I am OBSESSED with YETI mugs. I have one, and it’s amazing. I don’t have to microwave my coffee 1700 times over the course of a day it just stays hot #smallmiracles.


We got these backpacks for our around-the-world trip and I (and they) love them. The first two pictured are the “mini” (perfect for my four-year-old and younger because they have a front strap so they don’t fall off). The second row works for kids and adults.


My 6yo (daughter) and 8yo (son) both want skateboards for Christmas. I think I’m going to go with these penny boards…

My 8yo son is also forever obsessed with legos…

For my oldest…

My littlest wants a “fort” and this is adorable. Also this book is one of my favorites ever.

We have an audible subscription and I love it for the kids. I highly recommend Box Car Children, Hardy Boys (the old ones, not the new ones), and Harry Potter! You get one book credit per month and you can purchase more on top. For yourself I loved Bossy Pants (Tina Fey), Love Does (Bob Goff), Born a Crime (Trevor Noah), For the Love (Jen Hatmaker), Carry on Warrior (Glennon Doyle), and any of Brene Brown’s books (I’m currently listening to Braving the Wilderness.


I love little gifts like this. Also I love swearing apparently.

*** IMG_4385

Me right now…with a giant wound on my forehead where I tried to pop a zit. From my bed to yours…happy shopping ;).

6 responses to “Family Gift Guide from the Couch 2017”

  1. Love it, you are me & I am you. Plus where did you get your wild & free t? X

  2. Ps, I’m thinking of doing a mini getaway from my kids, I mean, the cold here in the uk & wondered if I could meet you? You are the American me & your blogs make my day…. I know it’s weird and you don’t know me but maybe you could host a meet& greet the fan club event? We could write a piece on how your British twin came to meet you!

  3. Hey Beth! The wild and free T was a TJ Maxx find, but I bet if you googled it you could find it!

  4. oooooh those sweatshirts. i am on my 4-minute-work-at-home-with-kids-all-around lunch break and i am supposed to be shopping for my family. but now i am shopping for me. (insert shoulder shrug) thanks for the laughs and the fun gift ideas.


  5. Haha! I know, you like how I started with stuff for us ;)?

  6. Hmm… think I should have read this earlier!

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