Dear Husband, I am with you in good times and bad…

Dear Husband,

I am with you when the bills are built up and unpaid and when our shoulders are tense with stress and worry.

I am with you when the kids are up sick in the middle of the night, and we brush shoulders as we grab towels and bowls and stroke little warm foreheads.

I am with you in seasons of wealth and seasons of scraping by. I am with you whether we drive a 97 Honda Accord or a 2018 Suburban. I AM WITH YOU.

I am with you when the fridge is full of good things, and I’m with you when we are thinking of new ways to cook potatoes and rice.

I am with you even when it seems like I’m not. Even when I slam the door and storm out of the room, and when I roll to the far side of the bed so you don’t forget that I am mad at you.

I am with you when I laugh at your jokes, and I’m with you when I roll my eyes.

I am with you when you’re hilarious and fun and I’m with you when you’re in that mood that makes me crazy.

I am with you when we have a glass of wine at the end of a defeating day, and I am with you when we pop champagne to celebrate.

I am with you as you struggle to find your dream job. I am with you as you unbury the passions in your heart and make them a reality. I believe in you even when you don’t (I won’t ever stop).

I’m with you when you fail and you say I’m sorry again.

I’m with you when you feel confident in yourself and certain of the future, and I’m with you when you’re struggling and unsure.

You have been with me when I was young and you have been with me when my body was swollen and pregnant. You’ve been with me when I was soaked with milk and when I couldn’t stop crying for days because hormones.

You’ve been with me when I got so mad I was mean.

You’ve been with me when I let my spending get out of hand again. You’ve been with me when I misplaced my 17th debit card and put the keys somewhere I just can’t remember.

You’ve been with me when I ran the car out of gas and when I pulled over and cried because the fog was too thick to see.

You have been with me when I could barely leave the house with anxiety. You’ve been with me at doctors appointments when I was certain something was wrong (it wasn’t).

You’ve been with me when I wanted to give up on my dream to write.

We have been together through miscarriages. We’ve held hands through tragic funerals and we have danced the night away at beautiful weddings.

We’ve been together when important relationships and dreams broke apart and our hearts felt like they were breaking too.

We’ve been together as long sleepless nights with crying babies turned into homework, bedtimes, and making a dozen eggs for breakfast.

You know me better than anyone, and I know you better than everyone.

I am with you.

I am all in, forever.

I choose you no matter what life throws at us.

I love you,

Your wife


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14 responses to “Dear Husband, I am with you in good times and bad…”

  1. I’ve been following your blog posts for a year now. It breaks my heart while I read them, it is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 I cried when I read "You are the best mom for your kids and I am the best for mine" Keep writing. Cheers 🙂

  2. So sweet Jess❤❤❤

  3. This is so beautiful and perfect!

  4. You nailed it. AGAIN!

  5. Thank you!!

  6. theparentallychallenged Avatar

    This is beautiful!

  7. We’ll be celebrating our 45th anniversary this coming weekend. Thanks for writing this because it all rings true!

  8. As our 20th anniversary comes closer (Feb 7th), this is exactly how I feel. I’m so grateful for my husband and I hope he knows how much I love him and that I am always there!
    This is perfectly beautifully written. 💜

  9. You’re incredible and so is Graham. Praying you are blessed with amazing opportunities.

  10. Wow this really hit home thank you for putting into words what we are feeling. We are blessed to have husbands who support us and who we are able to support. this made me take a moment to appreciate and love mine

  11. This got me… like in the way I want to chest-heave-sob when I watch an episode of “This is Us.” Way to capture the reality of life, love, family, relationships… and the beauty through it all.

  12. Awe thanks friend!!

  13. So beautiful!So powerful!So true!In the trenches side-by-side and on the mountaintops screaming victory. I am about to forward the link to my man, who desperately needs the encouragement today, THANK YOU.

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