Not a Pinterest Mom

Something is bugging me today. I have fire in my gut, and I have something I need to say:

Motherhood gets to be what we say it is. Being a woman gets to be what WE MAKE IT. We decide, we’re in charge…so let’s take it back.

Pinterest says there’s 10 ways to get our butt in shape, there’s 25 ways to have the abs of our dreams, there’s 4 ways to cook the perfect meal, and there’s a million ways to be “better”.

I call B.S..

There’s only one way to love ourselves, and that is to just do it.

Crumbs on the floor, and a sink full of dirty dishes, isn’t something to apologize for.

A meal that we picked up in paper boxes, or a pot full of mac n cheese isn’t anything to feel bad about.

Cellulite that has multiplied through the years isn’t anything to cover up.

Having a mood that’s other than happy is nothing to feel guilty for.

Taking a pill to manage our anxiety is beautiful and brave, not something to be ashamed of.

Our body, our rules. Our house, our rules. Our life, our rules. Our motherhood, our rules.

There’s nothing wrong with having goals and inspiration, but we also don’t hafta if we don’t wanta.

I don’t know who decided that women should be able to handle everything, and have a tight ass to go with it, but I say NOPE. No thanks.

No one ever in the history of ever, has done it all.

I’m sitting here with armpit stubble and greasy hair. Dust is building up in a thick layer on the mantle, and the kids watched Gator Boys for the better part of the morning.

Some of our homes are clean (mine is almost never), some of our meals are planned out and made from scratch (mine are usually not), some of us work outside the home, some of us homeschool, some of us make cookies, some of us play games with our kids, some of us don’t mind crafts with glitter (I salute you).

None of those things define a “good mom”, and at the same time all of those things define a “good mom” if they are you.

Instead of just having goals that take striving, lets make some that make us feel alive.

Let’s treat ourselves like the badasses we already are.

Let’s do the things that fuel our souls. Let’s get drinks with friends, laugh until we hurt, wiggle our toes in the sand, make a point to watch the sunset, run because we WANT to, read a book, take a long bath, sip the wine slowly and watch our kids play a game of make believe.

Let’s smell their hair, eat a piece of chocolate, take enough time to feel the sun on our skin.

You are fine. I am fine.

Motherhood, womanhood, is what we decide it is.





Photo compliments of Isaac Johnston

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9 responses to “Not a Pinterest Mom”

  1. Amen sister!!! Love your blog so much. Sometimes you take the words right out of my mouth.

  2. Yeah girl! I need to somehow make my pinterest feed stop showing me pins for “how to get a thigh gap.” Because, seriously bro? My version of motherhood involves sometimes swearing under my breath and a constantly messy house, and also so much love. Fabulous post.

  3. Thanks for the badass pep talk!! Love,love, love your blog.

  4. I was going to ask who told you that you have to be perfect but that’s a silly question isn’t it? Honesty is way healthier, and greatly appreciated by those around you, mom.

  5. Love your blog! 😁

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  7. Bravo!!!

  8. Yes !!!!

  9. Love alllll of this, armpit stubble and all! Haha! Thank you!

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