Date night, nachos, and other important marriage advice.

We’ve now been married twelve years. This means we walked down the aisle when neither of us could legally drink. It was okay though because Graham’s older siblings bought us wine coolers sometimes.

Our fights back then consisted of Graham falling asleep mid-sentence and me rage driving to Wendy’s for a middle of the night bacon cheese burger. Now if he goes to sleep before me I just make quesadillas in the microwave and watch Netflix because I am 33.

We’ve grown up together, and it has been my favorite adventure.

In honor of this milestone here are 8 of my best pieces of advice:

1. If she asks you if you want dessert SAY YES. I do not care if you do not want it, she needs you to want it. This is important.

2. ON DATE NIGHT: Don’t pick a fight with your wife before there is food on the table because then she will drink all of her drink really fast and now she is mad and also drunk.

3. Never forget you are on the same team and together you can take on the world (also sleepless nights, lost jobs, disappointments, and baby poop explosions that get all the way up into the neck creases).

4. There are a few fights that you will probably have for your entire marriage. Learn to enjoy them. Ours include: 1. Who’s farts are more toxic. (One of you might be EXTREMELY dramatic about this). 2. Who forgets to change the toilet paper roll. 3. Where are the keys? Instead of trying to solve this problem, just embrace the fact that you will be 85 sitting in your side by side recliners and you will let one rip and your husband will act like he’s dying.

5. If you throw one body pillow away, she will buy another. It isn’t personal, this pillow is only her secondary lover SHE WILL NEVER REPLACE YOU COMPLETELY.

6. When you order something on Amazon the other one will receive an email saying what you ordered. I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW.

7. Do not watch the show you are binge watching together in secret because what kind of human are you anyway??

8. Laugh often. Life is not as hard or stressful if you can still tease each other and laugh at each others (expense and jokes).


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8 responses to “Date night, nachos, and other important marriage advice.”

  1. I’m coming up on my 54 anniversary and I never thought of the separate nacho plates. I’ll have to give it a go.

  2. Haha, yes I agree with all of these. #7 is a big one 🙂

  3. This is GOLDEN! I love your approach with the advice! I’ve only been married 6 months but I can relate to everything you said. Love this, thank you for sharing. And congratulations on 12 years of marriage!

    – Amberlee

  4. Oh my god, I will be taking a printout of this for my fridge. These are some eye-opening stuff that you’ve jotted down. I couldn’t get enough of it, so I scrolled down to make sure I didn’t miss out on a possibility of tips #9 and #10! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  5. Marie Johnston Avatar
    Marie Johnston

    Love it! I’m still learning some of these at 40 years! Oh, and thanks for marrying my son! I love you ♥️

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  7. Happy “late” anniversary!! We just celebrated our 5th. Cheers to many, many more!

  8. Happy anniversary wishes to a wonderful couple. wonderful post. “few fights that you will probably have for your entire marriage”
    So true.
    Enjoyed reading every word of the post.
    I also write about love and marriages. Please visit my site, It would be amazing to get some feedback from such an awesome write like you mam’.
    Thanking you in advance.

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