To my “anytime” friends:

To my “anytime” friends:

You know who you are. You are the ones I can text in the middle of an anxiety or depression spiral to let you know what’s going on, and you text back to remind me of who I am and that it’s going to be okay.

You are the ones that will never judge me or be shocked by my struggle. You are my anytime friends who love me when I’m happy, when I’m falling apart, and everything in between.

You are the ones I can try on swimsuits with and you either tell me “damn girl”, or wrinkle your nose and say “not my favorite”, because you watch my ass and I watch yours.

You are the ones that when I’m planning to go to your house I pull out my favorite pair of sweat pants and put my hair in a top knot, because I’m my most relaxed when I’m with you. (You also remind me that those sweats should probably be thrown away.)

You are the ones that let me into your sacred spaces. You’ve asked me to hold your hand through pain and darkness and loss, and I’ve asked you to hold mine.

You are the ones that get my quirky (sometimes dirty) sense of humor. I never have to sensor myself when I’m with you. I can say whatever off-the-wall thing that comes in my head and I know you’ll still keep me around for good (I’ll do the same for you). Nearly every meme or video is funnier because I can send it to you, and I know you’ll laugh too.

You are the ones that offer to be my personal bouncer and tell off anyone mean on my behalf.

You are the ones that I can ugly cry with and I can laugh with (until I about pee my pants).

You are the ones that I text before you come over to warn you I’m in a shit mood, and you text back to say it’s cool you still like me even when my mood is shitty.

You are the ones that love my kids like they’re your nieces and nephews and I love yours like they’re mine.

You are the sisters I’ve made because I don’t have any by birth.

You’re the ones that when I’m having a bad week my husband texts you and says “help please” or he insists I get out and have a girls night, because it’s as good as therapy.

Some of you live close by, others are plane rides away.

We’ve built a history together. Some stories are long over lots of years, others are just beginning; they’re all my most precious treasures.

We all need friends we don’t have to “try” for and we don’t have to wear any masks, or put up any facades. We all need to be loved exactly how we are, in all our mess and all our glory.

The gift of you is not lost on me, I am grateful forever.

Thank you for being my anytime, all-the-time, no-matter-what, friends.

I love you more than queso,



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(Feature photo is of that one time I was struggling to put my toddler to bed, so my friends brought the drinks and came to me.)

For those of you in a season of loneliness, I’ve been there, and am thinking of you today. It’s so hard to feel alone. Don’t give up on finding your tribe. Make the playdate, invite someone for coffee, you’re worth it. XOXOXO





2 responses to “To my “anytime” friends:”

  1. My thoughts exactly Avatar
    My thoughts exactly

    I 💜 this!! I have three of these friends! They are few and far between and im so thankful for them!

  2. These are the best kids of friends. They deserve all the awards and chocolate!

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