Confessions of a “Girl Mom” (whose daughters don’t fit in a box)

I have two boys and two girls. I see a lot of articles about boy moms vs. girl moms and I gotta be honest…I don’t relate to any of them. I am just wondering; what happened to the clean and quiet daughters I’m supposed to have? I currently feel that a blow torch would be the best option for cleaning their room and I need a hazmat suit just to get their laundry. If this is easier then I hope there is some sort of manufacturer’s warranty, because I have yet to experience this peaceful bliss of which they speak. Clean rooms? Soft voices? Less ER trips?

Come again?

I guess I’m raising wild girls, because I think those articles are hilarious and cute, but I have literally no idea what they’re talking about. It’s not like one of my daughters is outside choreographing ballet pieces while the other one eats dirt either. IT IS TWO FOR TWO at my house. I guess we make them with fire, dirt, and grit.

First trip to the ER for stitches? Girl child.


Child that started climbing out of every playpen and crib before ten months old like a small ninja warrior? Girl child. It got so bad we started googling “safe lids for playpens”. (Yeah that’s not a thing in case you were wondering.)

Child most likely to bring pet slugs and snails home? Girl child.

Child who ate her own feces twice (AND LOOKED AT ME THROUGH HER CRIB BARS LIKE SHE WAS PROUD OF IT?) Girl child.

Child who covered her whole face with black permanent marker during nap time (before going to her first Nutcracker Ballet?) Girl child.


Child that has a small problem with punching people when she’s mad? Girl child. (We are working on it).

Obviously it’s different to raise girls vs. boys. Girls don’t pee in your face during diaper changes, for example (unless you make really poor choices like my husband who swung our daughter’s naked buns above his head.) (ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE I GUESS.)


This is nothing against all those articles, I’m just wondering if I’m the only one whose kids don’t fit in those boxes even a little bit.

I didn’t fit in those boxes as a kid either. I was really disappointed about being a girl for a good part of my elementary years. I was mostly pissed off about wearing dresses to church, the pink shoes a grandparent bought me, and that my brother inherited grandpa’s 22 instead of me.

I want my girls to love who they are because being a girl is whoever they are already.

So to the girls who don’t fit into the stereotypes and the parents who raise them, cheers. Let’s keepum’ wild with their own perfect brand of “girl”.

My oldest daughter is an aspiring fashion designer/ architect.

My second daughter hopes to have fifteen children so that she can boss them all around (she’s the youngest of four, thank you for understanding).

Whatever they do they’ll do it with fire, dirt, grit, and #likeagirl.


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9 responses to “Confessions of a “Girl Mom” (whose daughters don’t fit in a box)”

  1. Without hestitation I blame the wild on that Johnston blood for sure. Lol. Love this one!

  2. Hahaha for sure

  3. You are not alone! I too have wild girls! Beautiful little wild crazy kick you in the shin if you make them mad girls! World watch out! Their poor brother! I wish we were not on opposite coasts so that our girls could hang. It’s hard finding girl friends who understand my daughters fire 😆

  4. Omg love it!! I too have a fiery wildabeast of a little girl! She is 3 and she is mighty! She gets filthy dirty, ferociously mad and announces when she burps and toots. She is my wild child. She looks just like her dad but is so much like me that I’m terrified lol! Your daughters are so cute and wonderful! You’re kickin ass! Thk you or another amazing post!

  5. Love this Jessica. It’s a great momma who lets them be who they are with good direction, lots of love, and a laugh!

  6. All three of my girls were wild children – unable to be tamed, held down or held back! Now, I have two adults (one in law school and one in college to be an elementary school teacher) and one almost adult (hoping to begin college next fall to be a nurse). All three are still loud, boastful, and high-energy, playing sports, spending countless hours at the gym, and living life to the fullest but embracing their womanhood and ready to prove themselves in this world. Being a mom to girls is one of the greatest blessings God can give. I am so grateful that He blessed me and trusted me to raise them.

  7. I love that!

  8. I have a free-range, wild 5 year old daughter who puts on makeup, dress up dresses and gumboots and then with a satisfactory nod of approval (and a personal high five to self) heads outside to ride her bicycle down our front stairs and over homemade ramps of terror with her big brother. She drives a 4Wheeler (NOT a kiddie one) with confidence and her first ride on aforementioned bicycle was downhill, WITHOUT training wheels! What her herd of brother and boy cousins can do, she can do BETTER ;P She does HER with the style, sass and fire that only a black girlchild can achieve, which leaves this white mama bowled over by her beauty. She is SO much more than I could ever have dreamt for her. The challenge has always, and will always continue to be, to not quench that fire God has so powerfully placed within her, especially in Church. She is a Girl With A Sword (Lisa Bevere) and I think God us raising MANY such women for His Kingdom plans (“,)

  9. I grew up with three brothers. To my mother’s dismay I felt just like you as a kid! She called me her “little Jo” (from Little Women). My three daughters fit your description just perfectly… The only thing “typical” about them is they love all things pink and sparkly… Tutus, dinosaurs, trucks, whatever! 🙂

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