Why I Love a Simple Summer

I love a simple summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I also LOVE trips. I love adventure and the excitement of planning something epic makes me giddy. (I also admit that sometimes the planning is more fun than the actual doing #momlife), but still. This year we are getting to visit family for the first time in a couple years, but other than that we are going to spend our days within a mile or two of our house and I’m pretty excited. Sometimes, I think *simple* is actually my favorite.

I love long days on the beach (or by the pool) with fries from the snack shack, OR, even better: chips with nacho cheese from the pump. I will not be persuaded about this, hot fake cheese is a gift from the heaven, and it is the food mascot of summer.

I like iced coffees with extra ice and extra caramel (the sauce, don’t you dare come at me with that syrup nonsense).

I love BBQs, movie nights, and sleepovers.

I like the way my skin feels after it’s been kissed by the sun and the coolness of aloe vera.

I love slow mornings with no agenda except waking up and putting on real pants (just kidding obviously I’m not putting on pants).

I like listening to my kids play a game they made up and laughing hysterically until it turns to fighting (then it’s cool I got a lotta chores I need help doing in this house anyway).

I love reading out loud even though they could just listen to a book on audible.

I like the smell of sunscreen.

I love bringing my kids home with they’re filthy from a day outside and forcing them all to take baths. Even the black ring in the bathtub and the drain surrounded by gravel and sand feels like a day well spent.

I like popsicles and ice cream and margaritas with salt.

I love meeting up with friends and letting our kids run wild like feral animals.

I like long days and lax bedtimes.

I love all my kids under my one roof, even though this roof starts to feel real small sometimes when they’re all wrestling and talking at once.

I like making s’mores and I really believe setting the marshmallow on fire is the way to go, ain’t no one got time for that browning business (husband, pls take note).

Cheers to the simple summer, because someday these will be the good ole days*.

What’s your favorite part of a summer?


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*Good Ole Days by Macklemore







2 responses to “Why I Love a Simple Summer”

  1. As an empty nester, this will be our 3rd summer to visit our son 10 hrs away. I am trying to plan fun things for me to do locally. We have a very short summer so I am hoping to make the effort to do special things. We have a fire pit and I slowwww roast my marshmallows to golden & gooey!!

  2. Hi Jess,

    I love simple summer days too! My recollection is a little different because I had mine when I was growing up in a town called Malolos City in the Philippines. I grew up in a place where farming rice is predominant and I would play in hay all day or out in the streets with kids my age, half of them I probably don’t even know!

    Malolos City is the reinassance city of this side of the earth. I would ride my bike going to my Lola’s (Grams) house and would pass by victorian-era mansions (some of them empty!) of the old rich families or the town’s churches which were built from sea rocks and egg yolks.

    Thank you for sharing your simple summer. Cheers!


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