But, Do You Love Them?

God: How do you think you’re doing as a mom?

Mom: Well I don’t play with my kids as much as I should. I get grumpy. Yesterday they ate pizza for the second time this week. I don’t really like cooking together or crafts, but I wish I did. Sometimes I do it anyway, but mostly I’m just trying not to get annoyed. My house is like one giant clothes and crumb explosion. I really should have them keep their rooms cleaner, but sometimes I just don’t want to pick another battle. I’m not really sure when the last time my second son bathed was. That’s probably not good. Yesterday I snapped over a cliff bar wrapper that no one was cleaning up. Sometimes I worry because they bicker a lot, like is that my fault? Did I do something wrong? At night I’m so tired I fall into the couch and watch shows and eat snacks until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. When I lay in bed I find myself wondering if they all are brushing their teeth well enough. I’m too hard on the oldest and too lenient with the youngest. I love our dinnertime discussions and I just can’t get enough of their laughs and the way they tell stories. Sometimes when they’re talking though I’m not really listening I’m worrying about something completely different, I think they can tell. I wonder all the time if I’m doing a good job and if they know how much I love them.

God: Do you love them?

Mom: With my whole entire heart.

God: You sound wonderful.



Jess Johnston

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  1. I would REALLY love to still be subscribing to your blog (its one of few I follow) as I find your take on mothering and life refreshing in an age where perfection&performance are valued more than character and process (sigh). But i cant READ it anymore with all the ads (and even your latest video) automatically playing the moment I open your email link to your blog. Ads to my stress, so please tell your advertisers to F@!# off, so we can get to living and sharing and surviving this things called life ;P Also, any way to stop you video from opening and playing? Here in little ol Africa, wifi is not a given and data is Hellishly expensive.
    Thank you

  2. Hey there, I’m sorry you’re having that experience. I’d suggest following me directly on facebook if you don’t want ads. There’s most of the same content. The ads are how I provide for my family and continue to do what I do, but I understand that would be frustrating especially with difficult internet.

  3. I hear you. I will head to FB instead

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