Confessions of Someone with Holiday Anxiety

Does anyone else get “holiday” anxiety? (This includes holidays, family days, birthdays, and anytime there is an expectation that the day is going to be important).

I don’t always get it, but when I do, I’m probably going to have to apologize later.

Symptoms include:

1. Being the drill sergeant of fun. “THIS IS FUN, EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO HAVE FUN.” Behavior that is sanctioned as NOT FUN is as follows: whining, bickering, screaming, pouting, leaving toilet paper all over the bathroom, and whining.

2. Stressing if I have any sort of ailment (my head hurts, my throat hurts, ect) (This can’t happen today of all days!!) I’m so worried about being sick I make myself sick. Now that I’m a mom I also get to stress about any of the kids being sick. (This means regularly asking my husband to feel heads which he assures me are not in fact “warm”.

3. Having anxiety about possibly getting grumpy. Trying so hard to not be grumpy that I end up exhausting myself and becoming grumpy.

4. Regularly denying that I’m grumpy or that anything is wrong. What? I’m fine! Everything is fine!

4. Being mildly perfectionistic. The holidays bring out this weird perfectionistic side of me that I don’t normally have. That star cannot be like that on the top of the tree or else Christmas will be ruined.

5. Apologizes all day for everything both real and imagined.

If you too suffer from anxiety, know you aren’t alone. Take a deep breath, drink your coffee, laugh because it’s all gunna be okay, and carry on sister. And P.S. maybe run around the block a few times…it helps me.


Wonderoak by Jess Johnston


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