To the moms with anxiety: I see you.

To the moms with anxiety right now: I see you.

Hang in there my friend. I know you feel like you should be strong, but it’s okay if you’re not.

Deep breaths Mama, you’re not alone.

This anxiety will not consume you, I know it feels like it will sometimes, but it won’t.

This darkness and fear and panic will not be your forever, I promise they won’t.

Your heart will be full of hope and promise one day very soon. If you don’t have any faith for that, it’s okay, you can borrow mine.

Listen to me, and listen real good:

Be gentle with yourself and don’t expect perfection. If you’re uptight and snap at your kids or spouse…apologize and forgive yourself.

Find a trusted someone to confide in who will speak calm to your storm.

Watch something that makes you laugh, because laughter is medicine.

Eat good food.

Play a game.

Do something that makes you feel connected. Call a friend, FaceTime a family member.

Try not to let your mind go to worst case scenarios.

You have a good future, believe that.

Did you hear me?

You have a good future: believe that.










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