We can’t be lazy friends.

Can I be blunt? We’ve gotten really lazy with friendship.

We’ve put friendship right at the bottom of our laundry pile along with the pants we haven’t seen since December. We’re almost always too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed, too behind, and too scheduled for anything else (and I get it, believe me, I do). Adult life feels like trying run on a slip and slide…until now.

Now we are in this gigantic pause. There are people who are still working their butts of at essential jobs, but the extras are canceled. Sports, meetings, parties, “busyness”: canceled.

As we all sit in more isolation than ever, I hope we re-evaluate the importance we put on a lot of things. I hope we choose thoughtfully what we will take with us into the future and what we will leave behind.

Our old normal:

We’d blow off girls nights because we don’t “feel like it”.

We’d share memes that said we want to be invited, but we still wouldn’t come.

We’d joke that we’d get together in 20 years after the kids were out of the house.

We’d cancel plans last minute for trivial things.

We’d forget to text back for a week because we got distracted (guilty).

We’d hardly ever talk to our closest friends because “life”.

The truth is, lazy friendship doesn’t give us the connection we want (or need) and make no mistake, we NEED it.

Good, deep, lasting, sister-like friendships REQUIRE investment. They require that we pull them out from the bottom of that laundry pile. They require that we make time, that we text back, and that we make them a priority. They require that we decide, hey, the next twenty years are going to be chaos…how do we make this happen anyway.

To have good friends you have to be a good friend.

I’ve already seen new meme’s circulating saying things like:

I’m sorry I always canceled, I promise if you invite me after this, I’ll come.

And to me, that’s a good thing.

Friendship is sacred and precious. I hope when we come out of this we come out choosing each other over the busyness like never before.

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