NEW BOOK! I’ll Be There (But I’ll be Wearing Sweatpants)

***Friends, I’m so excited to announce my first book! I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) is about finding un-filtered, real-life friendships. There is a special pre-order deal right now which includes: A sneak peek of chapters 1-2, a preview of the companion workbook (which is amazing!), AND a downloadable “Let’s Get Together” girls night party pack that we put together just for you. Click here to preorder!***

The highest honor of friendship isn’t getting invited to “that party” or out on a girls weekend. It’s not clinking champagne glasses at fancy brunches or wearing matching shirts on a beach in Florida. That all is nice and fun and good and special, but it’s not what it’s about, not at all.

The real honor of friendship is being invited into someone’s REAL. It’s getting an invitation into the nitty gritty, the not-so-pretty, the hard stuff, the vulnerable stuff, the weird stuff, the unpolished stuff. It’s being welcomed into a home where the sink is full of dishes and the laundry is covering the couch. It’s entering the places of heart ache and pain. It’s being invited to the hospital room when your friend is still in her mesh underwear from birth. It’s sitting crosslegged in old sweats on the floor and laughing till you cry. It’s carrying around secrets that you’ve been trusted to keep. It’s listening and hearing. It’s holding space for each other. It’s answering phone calls just to talk something through.

The highest honor of friendship isn’t found in beautifully planned events or brightly filtered photos. The highest honor of friendship is messy and dingy and real. It’s in unfiltered photos of laughing so hard your double chin is showing. It’s loving each other’s babies and holding each other while you ugly cry. I can’t stress this enough:If you’ve been invited into even one person’s real, you are blessed.Cherish it.

If you love this, I just know you will love my new book. Love, Jess

4 responses to “NEW BOOK! I’ll Be There (But I’ll be Wearing Sweatpants)”

  1. OMG! a I wondered where you have been. I haven’t been getting your emails in a long while. So excited to hear about your book and I will be pre-ordering it. It sounds awesome and I can’t wait to read it! Best to you in 2022 Jess!

  2. Awe thank you so much! I’ve been really bad at posting on here- I’ve been mainly posting directly to Facebook. Happy 2022!!

  3. I always love every thing you write. ♥️

  4. Hi Jess – Pre-ordered your book today from Amazon. Yeah! The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to get the companion workbook (did get the first free 36 pages). Will it be coming out later? And can we purchase it later? Also I purchased the book using a different email account (

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