I want my friends to know: I’m here.

I want my friends to know: I’m here.

I’m here for your good stuff and I’m here for your bad stuff, too. 

I’m here when you’re falling apart and when you’re lost.

I’m here for when you’re just not yourself. I love who you are, I do. But if you’re in a season when you’re just “off”  and out of whack, I’m here for that too. I don’t have exceptions on you to be a certain way. I’m here for YOU, the you that shows up and is the life of the party, and the you who hasn’t brushed her hair and is in a mood.

I’m here when depression, anxiety, or something else has made you fragile and a shell of yourself. I know what it is to walk those dark roads. When you can’t see, take my hand and I’ll remind you that even though it’s heavy, you’re not alone. 

I’m here for when you’re thriving; for when you have a win. I won’t ever let jealousy take over my heart, ever. I can’t wait to celebrate you. I’ll be the first one there with champagne and balloons. I’m your groupie, your cheerleader, your fan club. Don’t you dare hide your successes from me, I want to hear about every single one. 

I’m here for your special days and your special seasons. I’m all in, RSVP always and I can’t wait. 

I’m here to grow both roots and wings with you.

Roots in the hard times, wings in the good times. 

You’re my person and I’m strapped in this four-wheeler ready to go mud bogging or smooth sailing. I don’t care because I want to do life with you, and that means all the parts. All. The. Parts. 

I love you. 

I’m here. 

I hope you know that.



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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

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