There will be seasons when you’re a bad friend.

There will be seasons when you are a bad friend.

Hear me out.

In good, deep, friendships it’s so important that we love well. It’s so important that we give (even when we’re tired) and we show up (even when we’re busy). We talk about that all the time. Friendship requires investment.

But, sister, you are going to go through seasons where you can’t.

You can’t give in the way you’d like. You can’t show up like you usually do. You can’t fill needs that you wish you could. You can’t meet expectations. You just can’t. You’re empty, dried up, tapped out, run ragged.

It will be hard, and some people will not understand.

Some people will be disappointed. (Woo, that’s tough.)

But listen, you aren’t anybody’s savior. You’re human and you’re never going to be perfect (in fact your chock full of imperfections just like the rest of us). You have limits and sometimes you can’t.

Sometimes you can’t, even when people think that you should, and that’s okay.

Rest up, and when you can again, I’ll be cheering for you.


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