15 Things I Want My Teenagers to Know

1.I really, really, want to get it right, but sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, overreact, and just plain crash and burn when it comes to parenting. When I do, I’ll do my best to make it right. Just please know that even when I’m communicating it poorly, my heart is always for you. Always.

2. Sometimes I get scared and I’m not logical or rational. I’m scared you’ll get hurt or you’ll make a mistake that can’t be undone. I’ve spent your whole life protecting you, it’s hard and awkward to start letting you go. I know you won’t fully understand until you’re a parent, and that’s okay. Just know that sometimes I get scared and I overreact, (and I’m working on that). 

3. Mothers are fierce. We are just wired this way. It’s not something I can turn off or tame down. I am your fiercest defender and your strongest ally. I know it can be annoying sometimes, but I promise it’s a gift (even when it really doesn’t seem like it). I will be in your corner always and forever. You need me, I’m there. Period. The end. 

4. I am always praying for you. Always. You might not understand what a big deal that is now, but trust me it is.

5. Don’t ever ever drink and drive or get in the car with someone who is under the influence. You snuck out and don’t have a way home? You lied and said you were going to a friends? It’s 3am and you think I’ll be mad? CALL ME. CALL ME. CALL ME. You will never get in trouble for calling me. 

6. Speaking of which. CALL ME. The same goes for any other situation you’ve gotten into. Please don’t be scared to make mistakes around me. Whatever you’ve done, it’s my job to be there for you. Don’t let shame make you hide. It’s me and you kid, forever. Let me be your wingman, we will figure it out together. 

7. If you’re wrestling with tough stuff, let’s talk. Are you struggling with your faith? I’m here. Are you questioning big life decisions? Let’s talk. Don’t be afraid to disagree with me or question things you’ve always believed. That’s a normal part of growing up. I will do my best to tone down the advice and listen to what’s on your mind. Again, I’m your wingman. 

8. Be kind. You will interact with a lot of different people. Annoying people. People that rub you the wrong way. Rude people. Hurting people. Being kind has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you. I hope you get to realize your dreams, even more than that I hope you guard your heart and you stay kind.

9. Be respectful of people. Look in their eyes. Give a firm handshake. Open the door for the those behind you. Don’t get so busy and distracted that you forget to be polite.

10. What matters to me the most is staying connected to your heart. It’s not you obeying. It’s not me being right (although I do enjoy being right). It’s not about never hitting road blocks or speed bumps, it’s that our hearts are connected through it all and I will do my part to keep it that way.

11. When I get it wrong I will ask your forgiveness. If I do something that hurts you and I miss it, please tell me. It’s important to me that I make it right.

12. Work hard. It matters. Even if everyone around you isn’t, work hard.

13. I know you’re growing up and you’re becoming who you’re supposed to be, but don’t feel like you have to do it too quickly. Let yourself slide into it, don’t force it to happen before it’s time. Being an adult is fun, but childhood is precious, don’t rush the process.

14. Giving is always better than getting. Look for ways to give instead of get.

15. I don’t think there’s anyway to communicate to you how much I love you, but I’ll try. I am your biggest fan. Forever and for always. There is no mistake you could make or failure you could fail that could make me stop loving you. Ever. I am all in, forever. You can rest when you’re around me because my love is here and it’s never going anywhere. It doesn’t require anything, it’s just yours.

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