Being There is a Gift.

I think sometimes we make the mistake of thinking it’s hard for our friends to “be there”. We apologize for our messes, our tears, our rants, our dirty floors, our needs, and our humanity. We invite them in with a mile long disclaimer that basically says “so sorry you have to be here”. The truth is though that it’s an absolute honor to be invited into someone’s real. The truth is that getting to “be there” is a gift.

I’ll never forget the times I’ve gotten to stand along side my friends as they said their wedding vows.

I’ll never forget the honor of sitting with my friends as they cried deep and ugly and real tears.

I’ll never forget the times I pushed open heavy hospital doors to rush in and celebrate the birth of a friend’s baby. (Hi little one, I’m Auntie Jess).

I’ll never forget late girls nights of venting and laughing till everything just felt better.

I’ll never forget the times my friends have asked for my help with something. (Even though sometimes asking for help feels vulnerable and hard).

I’ll never forget holding space during tragedy and loss. (Being there in those moments is nothing short of sacred).

I’ll never forget my friend’s warm kitchens with sinks full of dishes and toys covering the floor. (It’s my favorite).

I think one of the greatest gifts of friendship is getting to be there. Being invited into another persons hard, their real, their mess, their magic, their pain, their joy, their everything…it’s priceless.

Being there is a gift.


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