Stay in your lane.

Something I’m learning right now (and it’s not always easy) is that if someone is upset with me, it’s not always my job to fix it.

If I’ve hurt someone and they approach me about it, I will always do my best to make it right.

But if I hear whisperings that someone is bothered, or if I hear of unpleasant things said about me when I wasn’t in the room, those things, they aren’t my responsibility. And to tell the truth, that’s hard. It’s hard to let that go. If I’m honest, I want everyone to like me, it’s silly, but it’s true.

But that’s just not my job and it’s definitely not my calling.

If I focus too much on being likable, I’m fairly certain I’m going to lose out on other things that matter.

I’m slowly, but surely learning that’s it’s not my job to babysit people’s opinions about me. It’s not my job to change their minds. It’s not my job to defend myself or even to be offended.

It’s my job to stay in my lane. It’s my job to love as well as I know how. It’s my job to be humble and approachable if I got it wrong. It’s my job to be authentic to who I am.



Photo by Liz Lucht

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